To spread the awareness to consumers on how CaseTrust Accreditation Schemes protects their interests, CASE President Mr Melvin Yong had conducted a series of industry visits to accredited companies. During the visits, the companies shared their experience on how the adoption of CaseTrust standards gives consumers a peace of mind.

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Industry visit to Singapore Vehicle Traders Association (SVTA) and CaseTrust-SVTA accredited car traders on 13 December 2021

Industry visit to CaseTrust accredited renovation company on 30 July 2021

Industry visit to CaseTrust accredited spa on 6 August 2021

Industry visit to Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS) & CaseTrust-DSAS accredited direct selling company on 20 August 2021

Industry visit to CaseTrust accredited motoring company on 12 August 2021