Consumer’s Rating Survey for CaseTrust-RCMA and Renovation Schemes



Greetings from CaseTrust!


As part of our ongoing efforts to create more consumer awareness on our CaseTrust-RCMA and Renovation Accreditation Schemes, CaseTrust has developed an online Consumer’s Rating Survey, to gather feedback from the customers of our Accredited Businesses.


Besides overall customers’ satisfaction level, this survey is intended to highlight the higher transparency level, usage of the CASE-Approved Standard Renovation Contract template, and the deposit protection mechanism which our CaseTrust Accredited Renovation Businesses adopt, thus making them different and more consumer-friendly.


The weblink to the online survey is as follows: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0oN10eZTS777DQtxI78FnOuEvuKwjDeLMfdNex49jXw8lWA/viewform


Customers of currently CaseTrust Accredited Businesses are highly encouraged to participate in this survey by clicking on the weblink above but before that, you may also want to click on the following link https://app.case.org.sg/casetrust.plx?rm=results to find out if the Renovation Business is CaseTrust Accredited.


We are interested in your opinions so that our CaseTrust Accredited Renovators may perform better. However, please note that no follow-up action would be taken against the business for negative feedback, as the survey is mainly for CaseTrust’s monitoring purpose only. Should you have any complaint you wish to lodge against the business, please approach the Consumers Relation Department of CASE directly. 


Thank you.