With the CaseTrust Accreditation scheme, consumers can be sure of quality and fair business practices when they shop at retail outlets that display the CaseTrust logo.

Ever bought defective goods? Or, perhaps you’ve been inconvenienced by unscrupulous service providers? The good news is you don’t have to spend so much time inspecting merchandise for flaws, or pouring over the fine print of contractual agreements.

The next time you go shopping, simply look out for the CaseTrust logo on shop fronts.


CaseTrust for Storefront is an accreditation scheme for the retail and service sectors. Under this scheme, the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) audits the retailers under a set of well designed and comprehensive criteria, covering the aspects of payment collection procedure, communications and dispute resolution procedures, store policies and staff capabilities and training. Businesses who are qualified to obtain the CaseTrust accreditation will be able to display its logo on their shop fronts. For consumers, this is assurance that these retailers have good sales and after-sales service, business integrity, well-trained staff and well-maintained retail facilities.


Not only does this enhance a consumer’s rights, it also protects consumers against unscrupulous selling tactics. In the case of conflict, consumers can exercise their rights and be assured that disputes will be resolved amicably. 

Why take chances with your hard-earned money? Be sure to make full use of the CaseTrust accreditation scheme and shop at outlets that carry the CaseTrust logo – the mark of sound business practices.


List of CaseTrust accredited Storefront business can be found here.




Apply for CaseTrust accreditation now, to show consumers that your business is committed towards maintaining a high level of good business practice, fair trading and transparency. The Info Kit and application form for Storefront Business are available here.